is vol.1

by: various artistz

songs: 15

date: August 15th 2020

featuring. CDR, dRAgON Plant, Princess Army Wedding Combat, fabricatedplastic, XoArK, Cat Organ, Proswell, Weit Noiz, Vistorkyu, Ilkae, Hantasi, Fight Fire With Gasoline and more
a dark journey.
thanks to all the masters

compiled by fabricatedplastic
*some rights reserved*

by the way, heres a bandcamp mirror

album cover
Nekololicon - I'm gonna die
CDR - BabanGaBangaRangaBanga
Dragon Plant - UglyBastard
Princess Army Wedding Combat - The Boxer's Omen
D08 - 4AM$
Eerie - Lunatic Puzzle Room (DnB Mix)
XoArK - VelocityEdit
Cat Organ - Untitled Song 01
Ilkae - chocosuicidelayercake
Weit Noiz - I Am The Midi Machine
Proswell - 20171118 HORNS
Visitorkyu - qp4
lindsay - Without You I'm Me
Hantasi - Pneumonia
Fight Fire with Gasoline - Sen'Kaji

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